Apple to launch iTunes app for Samsung smart TVs

Apple announced yesterday that it will launch the iTunes app for Samsung’s smart TVs , allowing South Korean branded users to purchase songs and videos directly from the television remote control. In addition, the two rivals have confirmed Apple’s AirPlay 2 system will be able to send multimedia content straight from their devices to the TV. The idea, says Apple , is to expand access to its services.

“We look forward to bringing the experiences of iTunes and AirPlay 2 to even more consumers around the world through Samsung’s smart TVs. So iPhone, iPad and Mac users have a way of taking advantage of all their favorite content on a big screen at home, “said Apple’s senior vice president of Internet services and software.

Apple has upgraded AirPlay’s official website to ensure that “the big TV makers” will include support for the feature; that is, this partnership announced on Sunday is not exclusive with Samsung. More than that, it’s a new Apple movement that finally starts acting as a service company.

Samsung was only the first partner to confirm this move, and the release date is expected to come into effect in the second quarter of 2019. The models released in 2018 will receive support for iTunes and AirPlay 2 via firmware upgrade, manufacturer.

Preparing ground for a Netflix rival?

If you are keen on Apple’s news and the world of online entertainment, you should know that the American company prepares the arrival of its own streaming service. It’s still surrounded by news, but we’re already talking about a rival to Chromecast to leverage the hits.

This partnership between Apple and Samsung (and consequently with other TV manufacturers) suggests that Apple should rather facilitate access to its on-demand video platform. However, it is not yet known when exactly such rumors will be confirmed or denied by the facts.

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