Autopilot make money mini importation in Ghana 2019

Last year i work very smart and make alot of profit selling wallet with no hustle.let learn something new today guys,today am going to share deep knownledge how to use a wholesale site kikuu shopping in ghana and receiving delivery or pickup,let me take it a little bit slow again.i try using aliexpress,banggooods,dhgate more and this so call giant shipping company’s,so caled safety scam gaints dont care customers feel said and add some tax duty as well.Is funny to buy a watch $2 and pay shipping $100, is this diamond online holy shit losses.are problem is solve,let get ahead winners the dream is big no huslte.

KiKUU – Ghana: Best Online Shopping Stores Africa

If you what to buy cheap product online from china i recommend kikuu.They have the  biggest selection of clothing,shoes,bags,watch,Jewelry,kids,toys,home,Beauty,Weddings,Hair,Phone&Tel,Electronics .

Good news with the help of computer i can do all the business at home.Straight to the point i use classified website like olx and tonaton.So i source image and content from kikuu and flip it to the cassfied website with high price and make the profit.yes i kill two birld with one stone using tonaton and olx ghana.

This how i choice product that can sell well.i invest alot on aliexpress trend on youtube and onine search.lastly i search for keyword on olx ghana.example bags and click on most relative and check items with hot sale and repeat the same process and make my price a little bit cheap.i choice like 4 product and purcahse from kikuu and go for pickup and punish all my ads on classified and wait for call and business start.i can tell you the wallet help me alot and this business works perfect.With the help of the internet you can check product need to fear.Good luck start making money….


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