How to make a money online without investment 2019

Somethings is very funny to think is impossible to make money online and they is no atm on your laptop or phone.Am sorry let make money,Today the good news is they are alot ways to make money online with no investment,if you don’t have money to invest no problem,but they one thing you can easy do like the successful people they invest in them selves.if you can do that keep reading and get the money in the bank.

Freelancing is a new way to help you make money online and i can promise it pays well and fast.They are alot of skills that you can master 1 week, 3weeks, 1month and become a pro and keep upgrading in the long run.They are premium course you can get online if you wanna go far and professional with your skills. let talk about how i started,please am not it expect or a geek,but if you choice a skills like webdesign,logo design,writer,copy writing, online marketing or anything you are passionate about good luck.but you have no skill and you keep using facebook and whatsapp because that your skills,then you can be 1% of the successful people who dirty they hand and making the money online.

How to learn any skills to become a freelancer 2019

1.Use the search engine to learn,dabble your trust on forums ask questions and alot expect will give you with answers.Read alot of blogs article daily.Also listen to podcast that match your niche and learn more.Make youtube your Tv and Favorite channel to help you practice and succeed very fast.They also alot of facebook groups, that can aslo be very help to network and growth in your skills.

2.Set goals is very important,because freelancing they are deadline, client need to get the job done.if you don’t start learning how to set goals it can effect you work, and bad reviews kill your out of business.break your goals and keep pushing.I remember i get goals last 2years to learn how to use create website using wordpress.and this year i use one day to design my blog.i can make more money doing blog for was hard but i set goals and learn.

3.Get your tools set,excuse don’t work in online business,You have to use one stone to kill two beds.they are some useful website that can help you and free software that can make your work easy..I use this software Collaborate & Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free to finish my client project i did not have idea to do it on Photoshop and this site help me delivery to client and got my review.

4.Master your skills,when i started learning websdeign every senior developer will tell 3 years experience or 5 years.success is not overnight but other skills are not like that.but i can create nice website with wordpress that i learn 6 month and satrted learning to develop wordpress themes.i paused and dabble into other business.but i have a project am coding and still learning.i started alot of things when i was 17 years i did not take it serious and today am 24years.i wasted 7 years and today alot of my friend are sleeping.Keep going and keep hacking.

I have make some cash from and with no investment, i use some of the money i earn to buy domain name hosting and spend more money in banding.just helping people with my skills and i have it in my hands forever.I have fail and lost of money on scam website and wasted all my years.and i don’t what that to happen to you.Good luck is Possible.


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